Advanced Carbons

We deliver breakthrough performance with our next-generation carbon materials

Leveraging our extensive experience with carbon materials, we offer advanced carbons that can eliminate trade-offs in electrical and mechanical properties. Through in-house development and external collaborations, we produce and formulate materials with unique morphologies and properties enabling our customers to take full advantage of these performance benefits.

Our advanced carbons product portfolio includes: 
  • ATHLOS™ carbon nanostructure pellets: a unique network of crosslinked carbon nanotubes that provide optimum conductivity, EMI shielding, and mechanical strength for high performance applications 
  • Graphene-based materials: these products utilize a two-dimensional morphology to deliver performance enhancements in a wide range of applications 

We are working with various collaborators and customers to develop novel advanced carbon products. We are interested in building a larger network of collaborators in both industry and academia to continue to advance our capabilities in this area. 

Please contact us if you are interested in using our innovative advanced carbons for your products.