Caring for Our People and Communities

We recognize that our people are key to our ability to execute on our sustainability agenda. Our commitment to providing safe working conditions and involving all our employees in our safety efforts has been a fundamental part of our history.

building a better future together

This focus on safety helps us attract and retain top talent from around the world and helps ensure reliable performance in our manufacturing operations. We also offer our employees professional development opportunities and competitive compensation and benefits. We are committed to increasing employee engagement by leveraging the diversity and aspirations of our people and developing their talents by fostering an inclusive acceptance of diversity in its many forms throughout our workplace. To remain a competitive employer, we acknowledge the importance of our company values, our vision and our sustainability program to our employees, as we aim to continuously demonstrate our commitments and enhance our performance. 

Our commitments extend to our communities, where we strive to be a good neighbor through our active engagement and responsible business practices. We seek input and feedback from our communities and look for opportunities to contribute our time and resources so we can play a role in the growth and success of the areas where we operate.