Building A Better Future Together

We recognize the value and importance of incorporating sustainability not only into our direct operations and research efforts but throughout our value chain.

building a better future together This perspective helps us identify how we can best leverage our influence and create the greatest value to improve efficiency and implement responsible practices. We actively engage with our customers to collaborate on developing products that impart sustainability benefits such as increased durability and energy efficiency. In addition, we support and collaborate with our suppliers to help them in their pursuit of continuous improvement in sustainability performance. Improving the overall impact of our value chain is dependent on our close collaboration with our customers and suppliers. Together, we pursue innovative solutions to improve our collective sustainability performance and address the key sustainability challenges of today’s world. 

Through our “Creating for Tomorrow” strategy, we will focus on growing, innovating and optimizing to enable a more sustainable future. In 2022, we continued to make strategic investments — both financially and within our operating platform — to embed sustainability more deeply in our key business decisions and short-, medium- and long-term planning activities.

building a better future together
building a better future together

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Advancing Our Customers

We are constantly working with our customers to find innovative solutions that will help them advance their own products. In many cases, this allows us to work with customers who have their own ambitions for sustainability by developing products with superior efficiency, durability, or cutting edge applications like those for renewable energy.