Consumer Rubber Products

We offer a broad product portfolio of fumed silicas and carbon blacks for a variety of consumer rubber applications.

Consumer rubber products are found in many areas of everyday life, such as baby products, rubber gloves and bands, shoe soles, and sporting equipment. Whether you are looking for reinforcement, elasticity or transparency in a rubber application, you can rely on our research, technical and manufacturing capabilities to deliver high performing solutions for your application or end use.  

Fumed silicas

Our CAB-O-SIL® fumed silicas are highly versatile with tailored surface area, structure, surface chemistry and a high level of purity and product consistency. These attributes provide optimal performance in various consumer rubber applications such as medical tubing and clear rubber shoe soles. In addition, our fumed silica powders are available with either hydrophobic or hydrophilic properties. 

Low PAH carbon blacks

Specific regulations and guidelines are in place and in progress that limit the content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in certain rubber articles and/or in the carbon black used to prepare them, and in food and potable water contact applications. Our LP series of low PAH carbon blacks is manufactured via a special process resulting in a controlled, very low level of PAH. The Cabot LP carbon black series complies with these specific regulations and guidelines and also meets stringent performance requirements for end-use products.