Industrial Rubber Products

Our solutions enable performance requirements ranging from high durability to fluid resistance, conductivity, resistivity and more.


Rubber manufacturers are challenged with improving product performance while maximizing their production efficiency and optimizing total costs. Our additives for rubber products allow manufacturers to tailor mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties while delivering maximum value for their customers.

Carbon black is a major component of industrial rubber products, often up to 40% by weight, and it can play a major role in helping manufacturers meet these challenges. Carbon black impacts compound processing and product quality, as well as the final rubber properties and cost. We offer a broad technology portfolio that includes the SPHERON®, SPHERON® A, and 4-digit VULCAN®  and ENDURE® carbon blacks for elastomer reinforcement product families. Our industry-leading portfolio delivers advanced solutions to our customers in a wide range of applications such as hoses and belts, automotive weather stripping, molded rubber products,conveyor belts and liners for mining equipment. 

In addition to carbon black for industrial rubber, we also offer:

  • Cabot Engineered Elastomer Composite (E2C™) solutions. These pre-mixed composite solutions enable rubber compounders to break performance tradeoffs sustainably and economically. When compounded using Cabot’s Light Touch™ Mixing Guidelines, E²C™ solutions transform performance through dramatic improvements in rubber properties such as high durability, reduced energy loss and improved abrasion performance.
  • CAB-O-SIL® fumed silica, selected by formulators around the world for reinforcement of silicone rubber and other elastomer products. CAB-O-SIL fumed silica can also be selected to improve transparency in applications requiring a clear elastomer in industries such as medical, lighting and consumer products.