Carbon Blacks for Elastomer Reinforcement

We are the global leader in reinforcing agents for high performance tires and specialized industrial rubber products.

Carbon black is the predominant reinforcing agent used to improve the performance properties of elastomer-based composites in most rubber applications.

Our broad portfolio of carbon products are specifically designed for tires as well as automotive and non-automotive industrial rubber products.

We also offer innovative products that offer flexibility in elastomer formulation such as our engineered elastomer composites or E2C® solutions, pre-mixed composites that eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming evaluation of specific fillers and allow design times to move straight into final compound optimization. 

  • Conductive carbon blacks such as VULCAN® XC72, an industry standard for conductivity and the flagship product of our VULCAN XC brand of conductive carbon blacks.
  • Reinforcing carbon blacks including industry standard products and engineered particle solutions for tire treads and industrial rubber products that require high durability.
  • Semi-reinforcing carbon blacks including industry standard products and engineered particle solutions for a wide range of tire and industrial product applications.
  • Sustainable solutions developed under our EVOLVE™ technology platform. Products powered by our EVOLVE™ platform offer sustainable content with reliable performance at industrial scale, using circular value chains, renewable and bio-based materials, and processes that reduce our greenhouse gas footprint.
  • Ultra-clean carbon black with a very low amount of impurities or “grit” for use in extruded applications that require blemish-free surface appearance, such as "Class A" weather stripping.

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We leverage our global manufacturing footprint to produce a broad portfolio of products for tire customers around the world. Our dedicated technical service team provides expertise and support, while our global supply chain network minimizes business continuity risk. Most importantly, when you partner with us, you gain insights into the market from a supplier having a global view of tire industry dynamics. 

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