Ultra-Clean Carbon Blacks

Our SPHERON® and 4-digit STERLING® ultra-clean carbon black products have a very low amount of impurities or "grit."

The performance difference of ultra-clean carbon blacks is in a low frequency of compound screen pack replacement and the consistent high-quality "Class A" surface finish of an extruded profile application. 

We offer specially designed ultra-clean carbon black products for a range of applications:

  • SPHERON SOA carbon black is the most reinforcing and microwave curing receptive of the SPHERON A series.
  • SPHERON SO-1A carbon black offers similar mechanical properties as SPHERON SOA carbon black at a slightly higher loading.
  • SPHERON 5000A carbon black is similar in structure as the SPHERON SOA product but with lower surface area, which results in higher loading capacity and easier dispersion, making it the product of choice for smooth extruded or calendered surfaces.
  • SPHERON 6000A carbon black enables a higher carbon black loading at equal hardness or viscosity and improved processing for products needing high electrical resistivity.
  • SPHERON 6400A carbon black is an excellent choice for high resistivity to reduce contact corrosion issues of automotive weatherstripping applied on aluminum or magnesium automotive body parts.