Digital Printing

Aqueous pigment dispersions are used across a wide range of inkjet printing applications.

Our pigment dispersions are the enabler within the ink formulation as print speeds increase and applications become more intricate. We are uniquely positioned to offer our customers two dispersion technologies: Surface Modified Dispersions (SMD) and Encapsulated Polymer Dispersions (EPD).  This breadth of portfolio reduces the need for the formulator to compromise when selecting their preferred pigment dispersion.

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A Trusted Partner

At Cabot, we believe that the right pigment dispersion technology is the key to creating high-quality prints. As a company, we consistently dedicate resources to deepen our understanding of various applications. This allows us to design products that precisely cater to the unique requirements of each specific application. We actively collaborate with industry leaders to foster innovation and pioneer cutting-edge technologies and concepts.

Expand your digital printing with our CAB-O-JET® aquaeous pigment dispersions.


In the quest for differentiation and stronger customer connections, consumer brands continuously seek focused marketing strategies which drive packaging product proliferation. This trend leads to shorter print runs and the need for faster time to market. In such a demanding environment, water-based inkjet printing emerges as a key enabling technology.

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We firmly believe that our pigment dispersions play a pivotal role in this process, as they deliver vivid colors, stable inks, compatibility with print heads, and reliable system performance. Additionally, our pigment dispersions ensure compliance with regulatory standards, further enhancing their value.

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Graphic arts

For many years, digital printing has played a significant role in the publication and graphics arts industries, enabling targeted direct mail, shorter print runs, quicker time to market, and substantial waste reduction. With recent technological advancements, water-based inkjet products have emerged as the prevailing digital printing technology.

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Our pigment dispersions play a crucial role in this landscape, offering exceptional performance on plain and coated paper, providing enhanced formulation flexibility, maintain optimal nozzle health, and enabling faster print speeds.

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The office environment is undergoing significant change, prompting print technology to develop in order to meet the evolving needs of customers. Inkjet printers have emerged as a strong alternative to toner-based solutions due to their inherent simplicity. These modern inkjet printers occupy less space, operate more quietly, boast improved reliability, and exhibit higher energy efficiency.

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At Cabot, our pigment dispersions excel in delivering exceptional performance on plain paper, ensuring vibrant colors across the spectrum. Moreover, the unique redispersibility of our pigment dispersions significantly enhances ink stability and system reliability.

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