We create materials that improve battery life, performance and safety through technology innovation and customer-oriented solutions.


For 140 years, we have collaborated with our customers to drive innovation forward as a leader in conductive carbons and fumed metal oxide additives. The global trend of electrification requires lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries to deliver higher performance, safety and reliability at the same time. Our portfolio features a wide range of solutions to address such technical challenges, including conductive carbons, carbon nanotubes, carbon nanostructuresconductive carbon dispersionsfumed silica, fumed alumina and aerogel that help address a variety of technical challenges that battery manufacturers face. While we primarily focus on Li-ion and advanced lead-acid batteries, we also recognize the importance of supporting hydrogen fuel cell technology.

End Markets

Engineers and designers of Li-ion and advanced lead-acid batteries use our conductive additives to improve the durability and performance of batteries for diverse end-use applications.  Additionally, we contribute to the advancement of hydrogen fuel cells, enabling efficiency and reliability for cutting-edge energy solutions.

Global Network

Our global footprint and strong focus on sustainability support the growth of our customers. As a market leader, we have an expanding global network with capacity and innovation centers in every region.

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Cabot Corporation Launches ENTERA® Aerogel Particles for Use in Thermal Barriers for Lithium-ion Batteries
May 1, 2023
"We have been producing aerogel for 20 years and the expansion of our aerogel capabilities for use in thermal barriers for batteries is a natural progression in our commitment to support the tremendous growth of the battery market," said Jeff Zhu, executive vice president and president, Performance Chemicals segment and Asia Pacific region.

Cabot Corporation to Open New Battery Application Technology Center in Europe Focused on Supporting Customers and Accelerating Innovation in the Region
March 6, 2023
"We already have established conductive additives manufacturing and commercial capabilities in Europe, and our new EMEA Technology Center will enable us to collaborate more closely with our customers and offer faster development times and extensive testing and trialing in Europe," said Shen Yi, vice president and general manager for Battery Materials.

Cabot Corporation Plans to Invest in U.S. Conductive Additives Capacity for Electric Vehicle Lithium-ion Battery Applications
January 26, 2023
"We are at a pivotal moment as the vehicle fleet transitions from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles. Conductive additives are essential materials to make EV batteries work and expanding battery capacity and building a domestic materials supply chain are critical for the growth of EVs to be realized," said Sean Keohane, president and CEO.

Cabot Corporation Launches New LITX® 93 Series of Conductive Additives for Lithium-Ion Battery Applications
November 3, 2022
"We are committed to leveraging the power of innovative chemistry and our strong R&D capabilities to deliver solutions that enable a more sustainable future for the rapidly growing battery market," said Shen Yi, vice president and general manager for Battery Materials.

Cabot Corporation Completes Acquisition of Tokai Carbon (Tianjin) Co., Ltd Carbon Black Plant in China
March 1, 2022
"This acquisition directly aligns with our strategy to invest for advantaged growth while developing innovative products and processes that enable a more sustainable future," said Sean Keohane, president and CEO.

Cabot Corporation Completes Acquisition of Shenzhen Sanshun Nano New Materials Co., Ltd (SUSN)
April 1, 2020
"We are pleased to complete this acquisition and officially welcome our new colleagues from SUSN to Cabot. We look forward to collaborating with them to strengthen our global leadership position in carbon additives," said Jeff Zhu, senior vice president and president, Performance Additives business.