Carbon Nanotubes (CNT)

Enhancing lithium-ion battery performance.

Carbon nanotubes are tubular one-dimensional structures built with carbon atom unit rings. They provide excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, and good mechanical properties. With their great conductivity, carbon nanotubes are increasingly adopted as a conductive additive in lithium-ion battery electrodes. They can enhance the battery performances such as power, cycle life and energy density. 

Our ENERMAX® carbon nanotube series provides numerous options in morphology, aspect ratio, purity and format, either in dry powder or in liquid dispersion. Liquid dispersions can also be a blend of carbon black and carbon nanotubes, which offer a balance between electronic and ionic conductivity. The flexibility in selecting different component combinations can help customers find optimal solutions for target applications. 

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Battery Materials for Lithium-ion Battery Applications

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