We provide products that address tomorrow's sustainability challenges today.

As the world's population grows, so does the need for scalable infrastructure solutions. A passion for problem-solving drives us to help our customers build materials for infrastructure and construction-related applications as ever-tightening energy efficiency standards are on the rise.


VULCAN® XCmax™ Super Conductive Carbon Blacks

Our family of specialty carbons are designed for applications that require plastics to be conductive or dissipative at relatively low loadings. This ensures the mechanical properties of the underlying polymer are not affected, which is key for many electrostatic dissipation applications such as wire and cable, antistatic flooring and safety systems, electrical products, and more.

Delivering High-Performance Solutions 

Our specialty carbons and fumed silicas are the materials of choice in many construction applications, ranging from adhesives and sealants to coatings, electric cables and silicones.

Our products can deliver superior strength and allow manufacturers to create high-performance composites while lowering costs and improving performance. Learn more about our solutions for adhesives and sealants and plastics applications.


Featured Applications


Manufacturers of top-tier building composites leverage our additives to deliver the highest level of performance.

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Adhesives & Sealants

Our fumed silicas and specialty carbons provide reinforcement, conductivity and rheological properties to a variety of aqueous and solvent-based adhesives formulations.​

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We provide innovative specialty carbon and fumed silica additives that can improve the color, processing, applicability, strength and safety of your coating system.​

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Industrial Rubber Products

Our solutions enable performance requirements ranging from high durability to fluid resistance, conductivity, resistivity and more.

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We supply specialty carbons, masterbatches and conductive compounds that can deliver a range of performance attributes.

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