Water is vital to human life and healthy ecosystems around the globe. It is also a natural resource we depend on in our manufacturing processes, and we must pay close attention to ensuring responsible water consumption and management.

We seek to conserve water across our operations and to discharge wastewater that is properly treated to avoid degradation to the surrounding environment. We also look to develop applications for our products that help conserve and protect water resources, including the use of our masterbatch material in durable water piping and our activated carbon products in water purification systems. 

In 2019, we saw a 4.4% increase in our water use intensity, while realizing a 1% decrease in the total amount of water supplied to our facilities. We also saw a 12% drop in our total water use, as measured by the difference between water supplied and water discharged from our manufacturing facilities, with the largest declines attributable to the carbon black and activated carbon facilities.