Environmental Compliance

Responsibility is one of our core values, and one way we demonstrate this is through our commitment to 100% compliance with local, regional and national environmental laws and regulations.


Maintaining compliance demonstrates to our stakeholders that we are respectful of the law and the permits that have been established to preserve the natural environment we all share and ensures our ongoing license to operate. 

Our performance in environmental compliance remained strong in 2022, with a 35% reduction in the number of environmental non-conformances (ENCs), as compared to the previous year. ENCs are defined as events resulting in a reportable spill or release, a notice of violation, a public complaint or a permit deviation deemed to be significant. 

In 2022, we conducted 11 corporate SHE&S compliance audits at various global sites. Additionally, our engineered elastomer composite plant in Port Dickson, Malaysia, completed ISO 14001 management system certification, contributing to progress toward our 2025 goal.