Our focus on energy is consistent with our corporate strategy calling on us to generate value through efficiency and optimization.

Our Commitment

We know that, in many cases, improved energy efficiency delivers both emissions reduction and economic benefits. Our manufacturing processes are heavily dependent on energy, and we are committed to continuously looking for ways to reduce our consumption and advance toward our goal of reducing our energy intensity. We work toward implementing new innovations in equipment, process technologies and waste heat recovery systems as our primary levers to help us achieve efficiency improvements, in addition to considering alternative energy sources that can lead to improved efficiency.

Our Performance

energy chartWe continue to make progress on our energy intensity reduction goal through the use of more efficient processes as well as our investments of waste heat recovery systems and energy-efficient motors and lighting. While our overall energy use increased in 2018, our energy intensity improved by 1.2% from 2017. Much of this improvement can be attributed to implementation of more efficient processes in our Purification Solutions business. We recognize our progress on this goal has been slow, but we look to current and planned energy center investments as well as energy audits to achieve this goal.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to introduce energy savings at our facilities including capturing waste heat for production of electricity or producing steam to offset our demands. We deploy state-of-the-art variable speed drives that have reduced our energy demand.

energy sourcesIn 2017, our overall production increased, which also led to an increase in absolute energy consumption. However, the intensity of energy per metric ton (MT) of production remained relatively stable for the past three years. We realize that to get closer to our 2025 goal, we will need to continue driving energy efficiency forward more aggressively in coming years.