Medium Color Specialty Carbons

For many years, our medium color specialty carbons have been the industry standard for plastic molding, coatings and ink applications because they offer excellent color performance, dispersibility and the ability to achieve gloss.

These products can be used in masstone applications, where deep jetness is required, as well as in tinting applications. For plastic molding applications where mechanical and finished-surface aesthetic properties are important, these products are specifically suited for use in engineering resins such as ABS, PA, PC and POM. Our medium color blacks are also used in coatings applications where good jetness properties are required.

As customer needs and processing capabilities vary, we offer a broad product portfolio and can assist you in the selection of the appropriate solution for your applications, such as:

  • Coatings including architectural, industrial and furniture
  • Plastics including broad polymer applications such as engineering resins and polyolefins, consumer goods, automotive and industrial
  • Printing inks including ink formulations