High Color Specialty Carbons

Uniquely designed, high-jetness carbon blacks enable excellent color performance and dispersibility.

We offer a complete line of high color specialty carbons for both water-based and solvent-based formulations for coatings applications such as:

  • Automotive basecoats
  • Automotive refinishing
  • Decorative coatings
  • Electronic coatings
  • Wood coatings
  • Furniture coatings

Our EMPEROR® carbon black products balance color performance with dispersibility and formulation stability. 

  • EMPEROR 2000 and EMPEROR 1800 specialty carbon blacks are designed for water-based automotive basecoats and deep black masstone applications. EMPEROR 2000 carbon black is our highest color offering for water-based formulations, while EMPEROR 1800 carbon black combines very high jetness with transformational ease-of-use properties. Both products utilize our proprietary surface treatment technology that breaks the tradeoff between color performance and dispersibility.
  • EMPEROR 1600 and EMPEROR 1200 premium carbon black pigments feature exceptional color performance and processability for solvent-based applications, and deliver deep black color with a blue undertone.

EMPEROR 1800® Carbon Black for Water Based Formulations

Achieve deep black color with easy-to-disperse pigments.

Performance Comparison

Our EMPEROR 1600 and EMPEROR 1200 carbon blacks feature Softbead™ technology.

Learn more about the potential use of EMPEROR® 1600 and 1200 specialty carbon blacks in plastics applications.

Typically used in coating applications, EMPEROR 1600 and 1200 specialty carbon blacks may also bring performance benefits to applications based on polymers such as plastic molding for which color is a key attribute. These benefits may include enhanced carbon black dispersion, higher jetness, and variations in color undertone. Because of their unique characteristics, incorporating EMPEROR 1600 and 1200 specialty carbon blacks into plastics or other polymeric systems may require modification of process conditions that are typically used for incorporation of other carbon blacks.