Industrial Insulation

Our aerogel products provide high-performing, durable and thermally efficient aerogel insulation for both hot and cold applications.

Industrial Insulation

Operators specializing in industrial and cryogenic applications are facing increasingly demanding thermal insulation efficiency requirements. An industrial insulation solution must prove easy to apply, deliver high thermal performance in the user's temperature range, and maintain its integrity over time in even the harshest environments. We offer aerogel products that provide outstanding thermal performance across a wide range of temperatures. When incorporated in a comprehensive range of industrial insulation applications, aerogel offers a wide range of benefits.

Superior thermal performance

With thermal conductivity two to four times lower than that of traditional materials such as polyurethane foam, mineral wool, perlite and cellular glass, aerogel-based insulation provides much higher thermal efficiency at the same thickness and/or a significantly improved insulation profile.

Excellent durability

Compared with foams that can lose thermal performance over time, aerogel is made of inorganic amorphous hydrophobic silica and is stable and long-lasting. Additionally, aerogel is hydrophobic, and won’t absorb water like other insulation materials thus helping to limit the potential for corrosion under insulation (CUI) and thermal degradation.

Design freedom

Aerogel particles and granules can be incorporated into a wide variety of final insulation forms and applications. Aerogel can be used as loose fill in annular spaces or compressed into high performance packs. It can also be used as an additive formulated into dry mixtures, slurries and dispersions during processing of bricks, half shells, boards and coatings. Finally, aerogel is enabling the next generation of thin, flexible, and hydrophobic high-performance insulation blankets.

Aerogel-based insulation innovations are enabling applications in: 

  • High-performance piping of hot and cryogenic fluids including subsea pipelines
  • Efficient transport and stationary storage tanks including ships and trailers
  • Thin, flexible pipes and hoses
  • Safe-to-touch metal valves, fittings and complex industrial surfaces