Hydraulic Fracturing

Our broad portfolio of performance chemicals, comprised of specialty carbon black and fumed silica products, provides key functionalities to meet the needs of the upstream oil and gas industry.

Our core expertise in designing the structure and surface chemistry of our particles makes our specialty carbon black and fumed silica products the performance additives of choice for a wide range of applications, including hydraulic fracturing operations. We offer industry-leading solutions for both oilfield additives and oilfield fluids. Our products can improve oilfield additives and fluids in many ways.

Improving oilfield additives

  • Adhesion enhancement in multi-layer resin coating
  • Hydrophobicity control (or surface energy control) to control interactions of a surface with surrounding medium
  • Moisture control in bulk powder material
  • Reinforcement (or mechanical property enhancement) of polymer resins for use in high temperature, high pressure conditions
  • Solid free flow and anti-caking to facilitate transport of particles and prevent coalescence
  • Spill remediation

Improving oilfield fluids

  • Targeted and controlled delivery using particles as carriers
  • Electrical conductivity enhancement
  • Emulsification using particle
  • Rheology control and anti-settling in complex liquids at high temperature and pressure
  • Scavenging (or sorption) of unwanted species