We supply specialty carbons, masterbatches and conductive compounds that can deliver a range of performance attributes.

Our products improve the performance of plastics while extending their useful life. We serve a wide range of industries such as automotive, consumer goods, industrial products and infrastructure, including applications such as pipe and pressure pipe and wire and cable.

We have expertise in a range of processing technologies including all advanced extrusion and molding methods. Our plastics applications and research and development labs provide leading technical service and applications development in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. Our technical sales and service teams are available to work with you to provide additional product information and aid in your selection of the best product for your specific application. 

All of our specialty carbonsmasterbatches and conductive compounds and concentrates are designed to meet application-specific needs and are manufactured to exacting standards. Regardless of your application, our product offerings provide differentiated performance and reliable quality.

Our specialty carbons for plastics are sold under brand names including BLACK PEARLS® carbon blacks, ELFTEX® carbon blacks and VULCAN® carbon blacks. You can find our masterbatch products under the PLASBLAK® masterbatch brand name, and our conductive compounds and concentrates products under the CABELEC® product line. All of our products continue to be the top choice for the plastics industry, and we continue to build on our experience to further innovate and develop new products to drive our customers’ product performance.