Conductive Compounds & Concentrates

Our products enable optimal performance and flexibility for compounders and processors.

We offer CABELEC® conductive compounds and concentrates that provide you with the ultimate performance in electrostatic dissipative (ESD) and other conductive plastics applications, as well as electronics processing and packaging, industrial safety, automotive, aerospace and many others. CABELEC conductive compounds and concentrates have been formulated to meet application-specific needs and are manufactured to exacting standards. CABELEC conductive compounds are ready to use to help you manufacture lightweight, recyclable and corrosion-resistant parts that protect against damage to dissipation of static charge. 

Our newly expanded range of CABELEC conductive concentrates offer compounders and processors flexibility to customize their formulations by incorporating proprietary polymer and additive packages while maintaining the desired electrical and mechanical properties. Regardless of your application, our conductive compounds and concentrates provide differentiated performance and reliable quality to protect your products.

We supply a diverse product range of conductive compounds and concentrates to meet performance and processability requirements across many industries and end uses. Our long-established CABELEC products are synonymous with quality, reliability and high performance. While our products have performed successfully in conductive plastic applications for decades, and continue to be top choices for customers, we are always innovating to perfect our formulations and develop new products to meet the plastics industry’s evolving requirements. Our technical sales and service teams can provide additional product information and support to aid in your selection of the best product for your specific application.