Wire & Cable

Our products enable performance for the long-term reliability of wire and cable applications.

We serve the wire and cable industry with a range of specialty carbon black and masterbatch products.

  • Power cable. Semi-conductive (semicon) carbon black compounds are used in the manufacture of underground power cables. The semicon compound functions as a shield to smooth out any sharp edges on the conductor surface and eliminates any electrical field stresses by homogenizing the electrical field around the conductor. Our VULCAN® XC specialty carbon blacks have been specifically designed to provide high performance in semicon compounds to meet power cable requirements for reliability. Our VULCAN XC carbon blacks offer conductivity, cleanliness, and consistency across the voltage ladder covering both medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) applications.
  • Data, telecom and power cable jacketing. Cable jacketing provides power and telecommunication cables with a protective waterproof layer against mechanical shocks, chemicals, oils and weathering exposure. Ultraviolet (UV) protection is critical to ensure the long-life performance of cable jacketing. We offer a full portfolio of specialty carbon blacks that deliver UV protection while offering good processability and end-use performance as well as high levels of cleanliness to ensure good surface smoothness. When compounded using internationally-recognized compounding techniques, jacketing made with our specialty carbon blacks allows end-users to meet a wide range of national and international standards for the power cable industry.