Fumed Metal Oxides

Versatile performance additives, comprised of fumed silicas and fumed aluminas, are used in a range of applications such as adhesives, pharmaceuticals, food and coatings.

We offer a wide portfolio of fumed metal oxide products to meet your performance requirements. Our CAB-O-SIL® fumed silicas are powders that are available with either hydrophobic or hydrophilic surfaces. The versatility of our CAB-O-SIL fumed silicas is due to key product attributes, such as high surface area, surface chemistry, aggregated structure and purity, all of which lead to excellent performance.

Our entire portfolio of fumed metal oxide products are versatile rheology additives for a variety of applications, including:

Our SpectrAl® fumed aluminas are high surface area particles with unique characteristics of crystallinity and high purity. In powder form, fumed alumina is a fine, white powder. However, when dispersed in many liquids and polymers, it appears colorless and clear. SpectrAl fumed alumina enhances several properties in a formulation, including hardness, optical and thermal properties.

Our line of CAB-O-SPERSE® aqueous dispersions are highly stable and electrostatically stabilized dispersions of fumed silica and fumed alumina. CAB-O-SPERSE products deliver mechanical, rheological and optical properties to your formulations in an easy-to-use water-based system that reduces formulation processing time. The preserved state of dispersion in formulation enables very efficient use of the added metal oxide particles for the final application.

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CPhI 2016

CPhI 2016

October 4-6, 2016
Fira de Barcelona - Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain
Booth 7K73

We will exhibit at CPhI 2016, the world’s leading pharmaceutical platform that brings together pharma ingredients manufacturers, suppliers and buyers. Our team will be showcasing our portfolio of activated carbon, fumed silica excipients and medicinal products and discussing our latest innovations. David Flannery, global pharmaceuticals market segment manager, will deliver a technical presentation on how to quickly and efficiently optimize compound purification methods at the CPhI Speaker Showcase taking place Tuesday, October 4th at 11:00am in room 2C70. To learn more about our activities at this show, please see our press release.

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All of our fumed metal oxide products are primarily used to provide the following performance benefits: anti-settling, thickening and sag resistance; reinforcement; scratch and abrasion resistance; free-flow and anti-caking; corrosion resistance; and adsorption.

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