Colloidal & Composite Silicas

To give toner manufacturers maximum flexibility in designing their formulations, we offer the widest range of silica additives of any major manufacturer.

Our portfolio includes colloidal and composite materials with a range of particle sizes and treatments, allowing for the controlled tuning of performance characteristics such as tribocharge, free-flow and spacing.

  • CAB-O-SIL™ TG-C series of colloidal silica. Colloidal (sol-gel) silica particles typically have a spherical or oblong shape with a relatively uniform particle size distribution. CAB-O-SIL TG-C series of colloidal silica products are often used in electrophotography to enhance toner durability and improve print quality. Our proprietary process of treating colloidal silica with various hydrophobizing agents enables CAB-O-SIL TG-C products to deliver additional functionality, including increased tribocharging and charge stability when compared to competitive fumed silica toner additives.
  • ATLAS™ silica composite. ATLAS silica composite particles are a breakthrough material for electrophotographic toner applications, delivering the highest levels of durability, efficiency and print quality when compared to other silica additive products. The shape and size of ATLAS silica composite particles have been specifically engineered to prevent embedding, migration and separation from the toner surface. As a result, ATLAS silica composite particles enable long print runs with little decrease in image quality.