Carbon Nanostructures

Our products enable enhanced conductivity at lower loadings, increased tensile strength and easier processing than competitive materials

ATHLOS™ carbon nanostructures (CNS)

Our ATHLOS™ carbon nanostructures (CNS) are a unique network of crosslinked carbon nanotubes  produced using a proprietary roll-to-roll chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. ATHLOS 100, 200 and SR1200 CNS enable an optimal balance of conductivity, EMI shielding, mechanical strength and processability which makes them an excellent choice for applications requiring premium performance next-generation materials. 

Our next generation advanced carbons are enabling our customers to develop lighter, thinner and smaller solutions.

A World of Endless Possibilities

 ATHLOS™ Carbon Nanostructures (CNS)

EMI Shielding

Next-generation developments in market segments like automotive, electronics, aerospace, defense, healthcare and telecommunication are driving requirements for electromagnetic (EMI) shielding in many different frequencies and form factors. Our CNS materials:

  • Deliver unmatched EMI shielding performance relative to all other carbon additives 
  • Enable light weighting solutions by replacing traditional metal solutions 
  • Offer a competitive cost in use versus alternative shielding solutions 
  • Can be formulated with other shielding additives to deliver balanced performance 
  • Reduce dust contamination in processing and improve industrial hygiene compared to other conductive carbon additives  

High Performance ESD

Markets like 3D printing, microelectronics (packaging and clean room) and healthcare continue to drive solutions that can: 

  • Enhance mechanical properties (modulus, tensile) while meeting electrical conductivity requirements
  • Lower total costs while improving performance 
  • Reduce the loading of conductive additives in their formulations
  • Reduce dust contamination in processing and improve industrial hygiene compared to other conductive carbon additives

For more information on ATHLOS™CNS, please contact us to provide further product guidance and offer the best solution for your specific applications.

A comprehensive independent study published in Polymer found our carbon nanostructures (ATHLOS™) show greater electrical conductivity vs. both multi and single walled carbon nanotubes in different engineered thermoplastics.