Aerogel delivers an innovative, eco-friendly solution for light-diffusing, high-performance insulation in a wide range of architectural daylighting applications.


Our innovative, high-performance insulation is redefining the architectural daylighting market. Builders and architects are challenged to meet today's strict energy and building code requirements. With excellent thermal efficiency as well as high-quality diffused light and sound reduction, LUMIRA® aerogel gives you a powerful solution to meet this challenge.

Key benefits

Aerogel offers an ideal solution for daylighting systems. The material helps create significant thermal insulation and acoustic improvements without sacrificing daylight and aesthetics for optimal efficiency, productivity and overall occupant comfort. Aerogel-containing architectural daylighting delivers high-quality natural daylight that can enhance the interior environment, improving the occupant experience and lessening the need for energy-consuming electric lighting. Additional performance benefits include: high light transmission (91% per centimeter); low thermal conductivity (R-value of 8 per inch, U-value of .71 W/m2K at 2.5 centimeters thickness); reduced solar heat gain; sound attenuation (reduced transmitted noise); resistance to color change, mold and mildew and performance degradation; and reduced building energy consumption and carbon footprint

Our network of trusted daylighting partners value LUMIRA aerogel for its superior aesthetic and functional properties. Customers in the United States and Europe have incorporated this high-performance material into residential and commercial daylighting solutions of all types, including:

  • Natural light diffusing insulated glass units
  • Structural composite panels
  • Structural polycarbonate systems
  • U-channel glass
  • Unit skylights and smoke vents
  • Tensile structures and fabric roofing