Our leadership organization places decision-making at the appropriate level and ensures that the proper checks and balances are in place.

The Board of Directors appoints Committees to help carry out its duties. These Committees work on key issues that cannot be adequately addressed at larger board meetings due to their complexity and technical nature, level of detail and time requirements or because of proper corporate governance principles.

Board Member Audit Compensation Executive Governance & Nominating SHE & Sustainability
Cynthia Arnold

Douglas Del Grosso          M
Juan Enriquez
Sean D. Keohane     M
William C. Kirby
Michael M. Morrow

Raffiq Nathoo M        
Sue H. Rataj  
Michelle Williams        
Frank A. Wilson CC
Matthias Wolfgruber

Christine Yan    M    
  • M = Member
  • CC = Committee Chair

Our key governance documents, including the Corporate Governance Guidelines adopted by the Board to promote effective board functioning and to assist in maintaining the appropriate expertise, independence and diversity balance, as well as our Committee charters, are available for download below.

Contact the Board of Directors

Complaints or concerns relating to Cabot's accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters are sent directly to the Chair of the Audit Committee. Concerns related to other matters are sent directly to Cabot's Non-Executive Chairman of the Board. All communications are also sent to Cabot's Office of Compliance. You may communicate with the Audit Committee and/or the Board of Directors anonymously.

Audit Committee

Report concerns about Cabot's accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters.

Board of Directors

Postal Mail Address

Cabot Corporation Board of Directors c/o Alertline Anonymous 

P.O. Box 3767 13950 

Ballantyne Corporate Place Suite 300 

Charlotte, NC 28277