Next Generation Black Masterbatches

Our next generation black masterbatches address the ever-growing customer needs to achieve superior color, low odor and desirable mechanical properties in the automotive, consumer goods and electronics industries.

next generation masterbatches

Low Odor Masterbatches

For years, the odor of plastic compounds emitting from the interior of automobiles has been an issue raised by customers. Compounders are seeking new ways to reduce the scent of plastics in their compounds as regulations are mandating a reduction of odors. Our new masterbatches respond to this need and adds low odor alternatives to our assortment of products.

These include PLASBLAK® XP-6622A, XP-6633A and XP-6589B masterbatches: 

  • Superior odor compared to competitor products
  • Better or equal color properties
  • Enables lower VOC emissions in compounds

Blue Undertone Masterbatches

Several industries such as automotive, electronics and consumer goods are requesting a reduction of blue pigments and replacing it with black masterbatch. We have created a new line of products which also provides low odor, as well as offers mechanical strength and blue undertone properties.  

These include PLASBLAK® XP-6621A, XP-6623A and XP-6632A masterbatches: 

  • Excellent blue undertone 
  • Superior jetness
  • Enables reduced usage of pigments in the compound

Piano Black Masterbatch for PC and ABS

Compounders working with polycarbonate (PC) or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) resins are continually looking to create parts that offer better color and surface finish for automotive and consumer goods. 

This includes PLASBLAK® XP-6399D masterbatch which enables customers to achieve:

  • High-quality surface finish 
  • Excellent jetness at comparatively low loadings
  • Superior mechanical properties in the final compound

Please contact a Cabot specialty compound black representative to answer your questions. We look forward to offering recommendations to meet your needs.