Aerogel Compression Pack

We deliver fully integrated, high-performance aerogel insulation systems for subsea pipe-in-pipe projects.

Our Compression Pack insulation systems are designed for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies that need superior insulating performance, ease of installation, customized insulation thickness and strong after-sale support for their pipe-in-pipe projects. Our innovative Compression Packs meet these needs and more.

Our insulation systems enable fully independent movement of inner and outer pipes while delivering:

  • Variable application thicknesses
  • Precise u-value targeting
  • Optimal thermal performance across the entire pipeline

Compression Packs consist of insulation modules, custom sized by project, that are fully assembled and ready to be applied to the flow line of a pipe-in-pipe system. The result is an easy-to-fabricate, super-insulated system that maintains integrity and efficiency throughout the design life. The rugged, durable design of our insulation systems minimize the effect of weld slag, scale and other project challenges, making it an ideal solution for a diverse range of pipe-in-pipe applications.