Printing Inks

Our wide range of specialty carbon blacks and fumed silica products for printing inks enable maximum flexibility to produce inks with specific performance characteristics.

We deliver high performance solutions for the printing inks market including lithographic, flexographic, gravure, letterpress and screen printing processes. We strive to be your commercial partner of choice and have been a leading manufacturer of printing materials for more than 100 years.

  • Carbon black pigments for printing inks. Our carbon blacks provide jetness, color tone, optical density, masstone, gloss, rub resistance, rheological and flow properties to a variety of ink formulations. Our product portfolio spans a range of particle sizes and structures to impart different performance characteristics to ink formulations as desired.
  • Fumed silica additives for printing inks. CAB-O-SIL® fumed silica products provide multiple benefits to ink formulations. Our silica portfolio includes a range of treated and untreated products with a range of surface areas to provide anti-settling, thickening/thixotropy, anti-misting, prevention of pigment flocculation and hydrophobicity modification to ink formulations.