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High Crest School in West London, England

Aerogel helped create a compelling school extension including classrooms, internet cafe and a dance studio.

High Crest School in West London England

Kalwall® light-diffusing insulated walls filled with LUMIRA® aerogel were used on the south façade of the buildings to house additional classrooms, a new combined assembly hall/performance area, a dance studio, and an internet café and study area. This material is four times better than insulating glass units and is equivalent to a solid wall. It means that architects can achieve the highest energy saving while introducing large areas of daylight through surfaces which might otherwise be solid and opaque.

Technical details:

  • Kalwall panels: 70 millimeters thick
  • U-value: 0.28 (W/m².K)
  • Solar factor: 0.11
  • Light transmission: 12%

  • Owner: Buckinghamshire County Council
  • Architect: Jacobs UK (Architecture) Ltd
  • Partner: Structura UK