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Commercial Center Carrefour in Southwest France

We successfully teamed with our partner to create an aerogel-based translucent vault over a shopping mall in southwest France.

Commercial Center Carrefour in Southwest France

LUMIRA® aerogel played a key role in our partner's replacement of 10-year-old roof vault. The existing vault had been constructed from double-skin multi-wall polycarbonate sheet, with an air space between the skins and no protection against solar heat gains. In order to reduce the high temperatures inside the building during warm weather, a white coating had been applied to the existing roof, but this was considered unsatisfactory. In addition, gaps around the smoke extractors were causing down-draughts and water leaks.

Product and dimensions:

  • LUMIRA aerogel-filled multi-wall polycarbonate sheet, 25 millimeters thick
  • Distance between frames: 1050 millimeters
  • Total surface area: 1000 meters²
  • The 'Monaco MC®' vault is 4.80 meters wide by 135 meters long by 6.50 meters high
  • The roof vault includes a pyramid (6.10 meters x 6.10 meters) and four 'Eura®' smoke extractors, each measuring 1.50 meters x 2.50 meters, NF-CE certified, also constructed from 25 millimeter-thick LUMIRA aerogel-filled multi-wall polycarbonate sheet

Following an engineering study by Alcaud SA, it was decided to replace the daylighting and smoke extraction systems completely and upgrade the air conditioning system. LUMIRA aerogel-filled multi-wall polycarbonate sheet was identified as the optimum 'one-pack' solution to meet the project's needs.

  • Technical details: Thermal insulation achieved (U value): 0.89 W/m².K
  • Partner: Alcaud SA