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Botlek, Netherlands

We provide a fulfilling and motivating work environment to all of our employees while upholding the highest standards of safety, health and environmental responsibility.

Our manufacturing facility in Botlek produces carbon blacks for elastomer reinforcement and specialty carbons that serve global markets in a variety of applications. We employ more than 100 employees throughout our facility, which is located just outside of Rotterdam.

Our site’s history spans back to 1959, when Ketjen Carbon constructed the Botlek industrial complex. Ketjen later merged with Cabot Corporation to form Ketjen-Carbon SA. In 1981, Cabot took full control of the facility and renamed it Cabot BV. We have operated solely as a carbon black manufacturer since 1995.

At our Botlek, Netherlands facility, a project was carried out that involved reducing our use of natural gas. We reassessed what was actually required to maintain our boilers and dryers and by doing so, the site was able to save 528,685 m³ (19,600 GJ) of natural gas and over 1,000 MT of carbon dioxide.

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