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Tianjin, China

Our facility is committed to delivering a wide portfolio of high performance products and the best solutions for our customers while acting as a responsible corporate citizen and promoting the sustainable development of our local community.

Tianjin, China facility

Built in 2004, our facility manufactures a variety of products, including carbon blacks for elastomer reinforcement, specialty carbon blacks and masterbatches. Our facility also features two state-of-the-art energy centers.

As a corporate citizen we have a strong sense of social responsibility, consistently investing in innovative initiatives that promote national energy saving and emissions standards to support the sustainable development of our local community. We also actively participate in social welfare and charity programs to enhance the lives of our peers and neighbors.

Responsible Care®

We practice and promote the values of Responsible Care and are committed to the long-term sustainable development of the chemical industry.

Community Outreach & Social Responsibility

We are continually committed to maintaining a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship with our local community through active engagement in various programs to support charitable services.

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Focused on the excellence of products and services, we have ISO 9001 Certification as well as ISO 14001 and follow Responsible Care standards.

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