We pride ourselves on our ability to think differently. For more than 140 years, we have earned a reputation for delivering reliable and high quality performance materials while also expanding the idea of what is possible.

Leveraging our functional materials and technical expertise, we have addressed our customers' needs to deliver performance in their application areas time and time again. These innovations are delivering value for our customers today. With a strong and robust technical foundation built over decades, we are adept at expanding our product capabilities in new ways for applications such as:

Exploring New Applications

Energy storage

  • Conductive additives to optimize capacity and performance of lithium ion batteries 
  • Rheology control for lead acid gel batteries
  • Conductive additives to increase performance and cycle-ability of lead acid batteries


  • Ultra-thin and highly-efficient insulation for green building designs and retrofits
  • Super-efficient power transmission
  • Engineered adhesive solutions for composites in renewable energy
  • Silica for high-strength cement
  • Additives for water delivery for smart pipes
  • Functional additives in silicones for mechanical, thermal and barrier properties

Digital printing materials

  • Functional inks for high-speed commercial digital presses
  • Digital metallic decorative inks
  • Specialty toner additives for flow control, charge control, humidity resistance and more
  • Advanced colorants for inkjet and toner application


  • High optical density with electrical function control for black matrix 
  • Specialty silicas for polishing in chemical mechanical planarization for chip production 
  • Specialty graphenes for thermal interface materials

Environment and health

  • Particles to deliver poorly soluble actives for agriculture and pharmaceuticals

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