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Port Dickson, Malaysia

For more than 20 years, our facility has been committed to maintaining the highest standards in safety, health and environmental (SH&E) performance while positively impacting the community in which we operate.

Port Dickson facility

Our plant has been manufacturing elastomer composites since it began operating in 1995. Our elastomer composites, which are a unique class of materials made primarily of natural rubber and reinforcing materials such as carbon black, can be used in off-the-road tire, rubber track and mining applications. Our team of approximately 65 employees also conduct a number of research and development activities at our site.

Safety is the top priority in everything we do. We have operated for 8 consecutive years without a recordable safety incident, and we actively participate in the "Drive to Zero," which represents our goal of achieving zero injuries worldwide.


Port Dickson team

Chairman's Award

In 2015, we were proud to receive the Chairman's Award, the company's highest recognition of safety excellence. This award is presented to manufacturing sites that operate for more than 4 years without a recordable safety incident, environmental non-conformance or significant process safety event while earning positive SH&E audit results.

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