Cabot Corporation Foundation, Inc.

Through our corporate charitable contributions and community relations efforts, we support sustainability through activities in the areas of science education, safety, health and environment development, and community-based initiatives.

Our giving philosophy gives priority to science and technology education and literacy, recognizing that today’s students will be the thinkers, innovators and leaders of the future. Our goals are in line with the United States goals for advancing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. We support several programs that encourage students to pursue the sciences and explore its career opportunities. We also provide grants to support educators in these fields. 

Strengthening our communities

Each year we make approximately 40 charitable contributions to nonprofits that serve the communities where we live and work around the worldIn 2022, our Community Engagement Goal Team worked to advance our collective efforts by tracking regional activities and encouraging sites to lead local engagement initiatives and identify opportunities for grants through the Cabot Corporation Foundation. Throughout the year, 100% of our sites engaged in community activities. These activities ranged from volunteering our time to site-level charitable giving and donations through the Cabot Corporation Foundation. Our donations contributed more than $2 million toward our goal of investing $10 million in local communities by 2025.

Charitable giving policy

To ensure that our giving around the globe reflects the needs and priorities of our communities, and is meaningful to employees at our various locations, we ask each of our facilities to be responsible for identifying and submitting grant proposals on behalf of their facility for specific organizations they would like to see receive a grant from the Foundation. 

We make donations to non-profit organizations in line with our commitment to sustainable development. We strategically focus our donations in areas that leverage our expertise in science. We strive to maximize the impact of our investment through cash, product and in-kind donations, but also the talent of employee volunteers. Donations generally will be made only to eligible non-profit organizations for which a tax deduction is allowable under the United States Internal Revenue Code. No donations will be made under this policy to partisan political organizations, sectarian organizations whose services are limited to members of any one religious group, fraternal or veterans organizations, or individuals in support of a project for personal profit.  

Committed to our Communities

We believe giving our time, money and talent can make a positive impact on our surrounding communities.