Graphene-based additives & formulated solutions

We can deliver breakthrough performance with our best-in-class graphene-based products.

Graphene-based materials and graphenes are a family of industrial products produced using a variety of processes either from graphite or other precursors. These materials are typically a few-layered sheets of graphenes that are in the form of platelets and maintain some of the properties of pristine graphene (such as two-dimensional platelet shape, aspect ratio and graphitic bonding).

Leveraging our long history of experience with carbon materials, we are developing graphenes to create solutions that deliver breakthrough performance that can break trade-offs. Through in-house development and external collaborations, we have selected production routes that produce materials with unique morphologies and properties. We continue to develop and scale these capabilities in order to allow you to take full advantage of these performance benefits.


We are working with leading companies to solve some of their toughest problems with graphene nanoplatelet-containing compounds and masterbatches. In elastomers, we are finding that graphenes can increase modulus at a fraction of the loading of carbon black and thus can break important performance trade-offs offering our customers breakthrough product improvement and enable new applications. In plastics, graphene-oxide derived graphenes can deliver electrical conductivity at very low loadings and meet thermal stability, mechanical and cleanliness requirements.

Additionally, we are focused on the energy storage market, including Li-ion and Pb-acid batteries. We are working with several leading Li-ion battery producers to develop graphene-based dispersions that can deliver the long range conductivity that is needed to develop thicker electrodes with increased capacity. The morphology of graphenes allows for a formulation of low viscosity electrode pastes with good capacity. Our materials enable reductions in system costs for various applications in Pb-acid batteries.

Our conductive additive materials are valuable to many applications, such as:

  • Electrically conductive polymer compounds, composite materials, elastomers, coatings, battery electrodes and inks
  • Mechanically reinforced structural composites, elastomers and polymer compounds
  • Barrier films
  • Thermally conductive polymer compounds, composite materials, elastomers and coatings
  • Electromagnetic (EMI) shielding components

We are developing graphenes for a number of applications with selected collaborators and are interested in building a network of potential collaborators in both industry and academia to continue to advance our capabilities. If you are interested in using graphenes or are working in this area and would like to know more about our plans, please contact us.

Cabot has invested in the development of technologies for the production and use of graphenes by establishing a team that is focused on leveraging the company's experience in carbon materials to deliver graphene solutions that can break trade-offs for our customers and deliver unique performance.

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