Special Application Fluids

Cesium formate brine can enable safe, rapid and effective results in a variety of applications without compromising well control.

Our fast-acting multipurpose fluids provide one versatile solution for multiple applications. Special application fluids are based on solids-free, high-density cesium formate brine and are ideal for:

  • Releasing stuck pipe. Our special application fluids act quickly to disrupt oil-based mud (OBM) filter cake and swiftly release differentially stuck pipe. 
  • Breaking filter cake. Our fluid acts as a filter cake breaker by disrupting the OBM emulsions. Special application fluids are also effective at weighting up chelating agents, such as EDTA, and acid precursors. 
  • Dissolving hydrates. As natural hyrate inhibitors, our fluids rapidly dissolve hydrate plugs.
  • Reservoir perforating. Our non-damaging fluids form effective perforating pills with fluid-loss control.
  • Forming a debris barrier. Our fluids enable the continued function of critical valves and ports during completions to hinder mud solids settling.

Laboratory validated and field proven special application fluids are high density and solids free. They are:

  • Extremely versatile – use without additives for most applications
  • Easy to use and quick to deploy – no mixing required for most applications
  • Fast acting downhole – work rapidly after deployment
  • Highly durable – clear brine with no solids to sag
  • Thermally stable – proven to withstand temperatures up to 235ºC/455ºF
  • Biodegradable – safely biodegrades when diluted in the ocean
  • Highly effective – even in challenging high-pressure, high-temperature environments
  • Cost saving – saves rig time with no additional OBM-related clean-up costs
  • Safe for rig crew – ease of handling speeds up deployment
  • Space saving – rig inventory is reduced as additives are not required

Why weight?

Available in solids-free densities from 1.80 g/cm3/15.0 lb/gal to 2.30 g/cm3/19.2 lb/gal, our special application fluids are readily available from stock for specific project requirements or for standby use offshore. No additives are needed in the applications listed, with the exception of debris-barrier fluids and perforating fluids where viscosifiers may be required.

Special application fluids are formed using cesium formate brine. Effective and versatile, our brine’s unique properties deliver a number of benefits:

  • High density and solids free. Cesium formate brine comes in highly pure 80 wt% aqueous solution with solids-free densities up to 2.30 g/cm3/19.2 lb/gal.
  • Low water activity. With water activity as low as 0.3, cesium formate brine promotes beneficial osmotic back-flow and lowers freezing points to aid hydrate dissolution.
  • High thermal stability. Cesium formate brine is field proven to 235°C/455°F. 
  • Low crystallization temperature. Cesium formate brine performs well at low temperatures.
  • Readily biodegradable. Cesium formate brine greatly reduces operators’ risks of environmental damage and is gold rated by the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS). It is also safe to handle without specialist personal protective equipment.

Cesium formate brine has been used successfully by leading operators in over 50 fields globally since 1999.


Brochure: Special Application Fluids

Our fast-acting multipurpose fluids provide one versatile solution for multiple applications such as stuck pipe release and hydrate dissolution.

Cesium formate has been shown in laboratory testing to be a non-damaging fluid in the Rhum high pressure high temperature (HPHT) gas field when deployed as either neat brine or as a viscosified kill pill. Field results confirm this with low mechanical skins being achieved. The kill pill has therefore been non-damaging and the perforation program has achieved the desired productivity.

BP, OTC 19242
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