Cesium Formate Brine Services

As the world’s largest producer of cesium formate, we have built a wealth of expertise and experience in drilling, completion, intervention and suspension operations using cesium formate brines.


You can tap into this resource through our world-class laboratory services and field engineers, capitalize on our advanced reclamation facilities and award-winning leasing model, and cut costs in the process. Learn more about how we fully support these remarkable products:


Brine leasing is the sustainable way to save costs. The oil industry is familiar with leasing specialized tools, equipment and drilling rigs as a cost-efficient way of accessing high-value well construction technologies. We have extended this popular business model by providing the industry with the high-value well construction fluid, cesium formate brine, on leasing terms.

Under this award-winning offering, we lend clients an agreed volume of cesium formate brine in return for a daily or monthly leasing fee. The total cost to the client is the sum of three factors:
  • Leasing fee, which depends on the volume and density of the brine, and the time the brine is made available to the client
  • Any loss of brine value while it is consigned to the client
  • The cost of safe disposal of any oil and solid contaminants recovered from the brine during reclamation

Over the past 15 years, we have leased cesium formate brine to over 300 well construction and intervention projects around the world. 

Why lease?

  • It is significantly cheaper to temporarily lease a high-value product like cesium formate brine than to buy it outright.
  • Chemical leasing encourages better chemical management and saves costs.
  • Both the supplier and the client have a common interest in reducing chemical consumption and waste production.
  • It's a sustainable solution. Recovery, reclamation and reuse of cesium formate brine reduce chemical consumption and minimize waste. In normal circumstances, 80-90% of brine volume is recovered through reclamation.
  • Responsibility for chemical management remains with the chemical supplier, allowing the client to focus on core activities.

Technical support and laboratory services

The dedicated Technical Service Department based in Aberdeen, Scotland works in partnership with operations teams in Aberdeen, Norway, Singapore and in the field. The teams are highly experienced and well resourced with comprehensive knowledge of formate fluids’ applications and deployment. We provide a full range of technical support and guidance to optimize formate brines and maximize returns for every project.

Our solutions focus on:
  • Decreasing well construction time and cost
  • Maximizing production rates and delivering recoverable reserves faster
  • Facilitating better reservoir definition
  • Eliminating expensive well interventions
  • Reducing operational and SH&E risk
Additionally, we provide:
  • Discussion and presentation of detailed information and guidance to resolve questions
  • A conduit between client and Cabot technical resources such as production, engineering and laboratory services
  • Assistance in developing fluid programs through supply or appropriation of relevant technical offset data
  • Initiation, supervision and evaluation of custom laboratory testing to aid product application
  • Knowledge sharing with clients and their technical teams by providing information, data and practical training
  • Dedicated ‘trouble-shooting’ support and advice service to onshore personnel, as well as active field operations
  • A technical service team support network throughout the life cycle of any project from initial project planning to post-job review

World-class laboratory services

We operate a well-equipped technical service laboratory in Aberdeen, Scotland. The lab team’s extensive experience formulating and analyzing formates places it at the very forefront of global research and development for these unique fluids. Services provided by the laboratory include:

  • Customized fluid formulations using extensive knowledge of formate-based drill-in and completion fluid development as well as low-solids oil-based mud (OBM), stuck-pipe release pills and other specialized formulations
  • Fluid analyses, including industry standard testing (American Petroleum Institute) as well as various custom and analytic test methodologies
  • QA/QC product testing
  • External advice and training of formate testing methods and formulations
  • Trouble-shooting and technical advice based on in-depth knowledge and experience of formate brines, backed up by a comprehensive data library

Fluid engineering services

Engineering support is provided by a dedicated team of specialist formate fluid engineers that can be mobilized anywhere in the world to advise and give guidance on all aspects of transporting, storing and using cesium formate brines. Several members of the team each have more than ten years’ field experience of managing cesium formate fluids. This expert team of engineers is supported by the central laboratory in Aberdeen, Scotland. Its main task is to use its specialist knowledge and skills to assist operators and their contractors extract the maximum value from cesium formate brines at the lowest costs. The team provides a full cesium formate fluid management advisory service, with particular emphasis on maintaining fluid integrity and value. In chemical leasing contracts, all parties have a common interest in conserving the integrity and value of the leased chemicals. With cesium formate brines leasing, this means minimizing fluid losses and reducing contamination of any kind.

Our fluid engineering team provides fluid integrity and value conservation support at all stages of the brine supply, utilization and recovery process:

  1. Planning. Auditing the rig’s brine-handling and storage facilities and procedures, and assigning responsibilities and accountabilities. Recommending the best configuration of tanks and lines for displacement of the well to brine, including tank designation for returns, clean brine, clean-up and displacement pills, and contaminated interfaces.
  2. Transport. Supervising and monitoring movement of cesium formate brine from Cabot’s storage to the rig. This covers all steps in the shore-to-ship and ship-to-rig process, including final preparation of the rig for receipt and storage, the physical integrity of the rig’s bulk liquid systems and, finally, housekeeping aspects of brine storage and handling.
  3. Rig storage and surface handling. Supervising and monitoring rig storage, surface movements and uses of the brine, sources of contamination and volume and condition monitoring.
  4. Well bore operations. Supervising and monitoring all displacements in and out of the hole, treatment of interfaces, preparation and deployment of specialized pills or additives, dilution and weighting-up procedures, volume and condition monitoring.
  5. Subsurface losses. Monitoring/recording sub-surface losses and preparing contingency plans for dealing with sub-surface losses to the formation.
  6. Recovery. Supervising and monitoring return of used brine to Cabot’s storage tanks, including back-load procedures, surveying, recovery from the supply vessel and measurement of returned brine volume and condition.
  7. Reclamation. Supervising the chemical analysis, mechanical and chemical reclamation processes, surveying and waste disposal operations.


Our unique reclamation service turns used drilling and completion fluids into clean formate brines, allowing them to be used in multiple wells with significant cost savings and minimal environmental impact. We take control of the process, leaving you free to concentrate on your business. This reclamation service is provided on a fixed-price basis for predictable cost control.