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Our team of cesium formate brine experts author brochures, presentations and published reports on an ongoing basis.


The Environmental Brine

Find out why high-density cesium formate has become the environmental brine of choice for sensitive environments worldwide.


Brochure: Unlock Your Reservoir's Value with Cesium Formate Brine

An overview of the properties and benefits of cesium formate brine and how it helps operators maximize reservoir value.

Brochure: BrineWise™ Software Cost Calculator Overview and Benefits

Does your completion brine have hidden costs? Analyze and sum all brine costs in completion and workover operations now with the easy-to-use BrineWise™ software tool.

Brochure: Corrosion - Brine Choice Matters

The different forms of corrosion faced by the oil and gas industry and how the right choice of brines and metals can prevent this costly phenomenon.

History Timeline: Cesium Formate Brines

A history of cesium formate brines, from 1929 to 2009.

Brochure: Clear Brine Fluids

Cesium formate brine delivers a safe, trouble-free hydrostatic barrier for clean completions, workovers, suspensions and interventions, enabling you to increase operational effectiveness with less cost and risk.

Brochure: Enhanced Reservoir Fluids

Maximize reservoir productivity with our enhanced reservoir fluids made from cesium formate brine for reservoir drill-in and sandface completion operations.

Brochure: Special Application Fluids

Our fast-acting multipurpose fluids provide one versatile solution for multiple applications such as stuck pipe release and hydrate dissolution.

Brochure: The Environmental Brine

An overview of how cesium formate brine is ideal for challenging well constructions.


Gas Permeability Measurements under HPHT Conditions in Reservoir Core Materials Exposed to Cesium Formate Brine

PDF version of May 2009 presentation at the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) European Formation Damage conference

Formate Brines as Ecological Drilling Fluids

PDF version of presentation from June 2008 Offshore Drilling Operations conference on formate brines as ecological drilling fluids

Formate Brines as Non-Damaging Drill-In and Completion Fluids for HPHT Wells

PDF version of presentation from September 2007 International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC) conference on formate brines as non-damaging drill-in and completion fluids for HPHT wells

Published Reports

Study: Save Weeks Drilling and Completing with Cesium Formate Brines

New benchmarking study explains and quantifies exceptional time savings from cesium formate fluids

HSE Risk Monetization and Well Construction Fluids

How direct, operational and SH&E-related costs can be taken into account when selecting well construction fluids through the use of software that analyzes competing options.

Australian National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme

Assessment of cesium formate when introduced to the Australian market in 2001. It covers areas such as occupational, public and environmental exposure, toxicological data and the effects of cesium formate on the environment.

Formate Brines: Compatibility with Metals

Basic corrosion theory, a review of laboratory test results with formate brines, best practice procedures for testing formates, advice on proper field use of formates and examples of improper use of formates in the field.

Cs and Zn Comparative Hazard Assessment and HSE Profiles

A comparison of the properties of cesium formate and zinc bromide, the prime constituents of the two high-density brines available to the oil industry.

Formate Fluid QRA Report

This study uses a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) to quantify the relative benefits of using formate fluids (FBF) as a drilling fluid in preference to the widely used oil-based mud (OBM) and water-based mud (WBM).

Formate Fluids Hazard Assessment

Properties of cesium and potassium formate related to levels of chemical health, safety and environmental hazard posed by these products in oilfield operations.

Formate Fluids in the Marine Environment: Risk Assessment

Environmental risk assessment for formate brines utilizing Predicted No Effect Concentrations (PNEC) principles, complemented by a safety assessment.

Metoc Formate Brines Environmental Assessment Summary

A summary of the life cycle assessment on formate brines from the independent environmental consultancy Metoc, PLC completed in 2003.

Metoc Formate Brines Environmental Assessment

The full life cycle assessment on formate brines from the independent environmental consultancy Metoc, PLC completed in 2003.