Cesium Formate Brine Products

Cesium formate brine provides optimum returns in challenging high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) fields by unlocking reservoirs and paying back dividends throughout the well's lifetime.

Cesium formate brine is simply cesium formate dissolved in water. The result is heavy brine with densities that increase with the level of cesium formate in solution. It's part of the formate brine family, together with sodium and potassium formate brines, and is manufactured in highly pure 80% w/w aqueous solution with density of 2.20 g/cm3/18.36 lb/gal. Cesium formate brine differs from other high-density clear brines in a number of significant ways:

  • In pure form, it's highly compatible with reservoirs as it only contains monovalent ions and is incapable of forming scales
  • Anti-oxidant and water-structuring properties help protect polymers against thermal degradation at high temperatures, which facilitates its use as a HPHT drilling fluid
  • With a natural pH of 10 – 10.5, it’s highly compatible with metals and elastomers
  • Full compatibility with water-soluble polymers, such as xanthan, means it can be used to formulate drilling fluids
  • It’s safe to handle and non-hazardous to the environment

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