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The magnificent seven!

Cesium formate brine has been used in over 50 oil and gas fields since 1999. Can you solve the cryptic clues below to name seven of them?

Apple watch

If you need a little help, reference our field list at cabotcorp.com/fields. Answer all seven correctly and you’ll be in the running to win an Apple Watch! 

To enter, please send your answers to formate.matters@cabotcorp.com by 8 June 2018. The winner is the first person with correct answers drawn randomly from
the list of entrants. Good luck!

Your seven questions:
  1. On top in Bombay
  2. This actor was good company
  3. Sailors’ tipple
  4. This fast fish has got bite
  5. Prince Albert’s better half
  6. On the move
  7. A white bear in Norse folklore

Thank you to all those who entered the ‘Site Unseen’ quiz in the last issue. The lucky winner is Kevin Meads from Chevron Australia. For answers to the previous competition, or for the complete rules of this puzzle, please email formate.matters@cabotcorp.com.