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Cabot helps unlock KG Basin wells in India

As the world’s third largest energy consumer, India has a challenging future ahead. It imports around 75% of its energy, but has tremendous potential to develop offshore and onshore gas fields to reduce these imports and its coal dependency.

Mr. MVVS Murty, general manager (C&P) of Oil India for the KG Basin project (right), and Alan Carnegie of Cabot agree the contract for supply of cesium formate to high-pressure, high-temperature KG Basin wells in Andhra Pradesh province

One focus area is the Krishna Godavari (KG) Basin in the south east of the country. “The KG Basin is around 50,000 sq. km and contains both onshore and offshore assets. It’s typified by tight oil and gas reserves with some of the highest temperatures and pressures ever seen,” explains Alan Carnegie, director global business development for Cabot Specialty Fluids. “To avoid earlier problems encountered with solids-laden oil-based and bromide fluids, India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) and its well consulting and engineering company WellPerform recently used cesium formate-based fluid for three HPHT tubing-conveyed perforating drill-stem tests (TCP DSTs) in its BTSAD well in Andhra Pradesh province. By choosing clean, solids-free cesium formate, ONGC reduced perforating risk and maximized production potential, which of course reflects positively on asset value.

WellPerform notes that there were no tool failures in any of the wells. Mike Mulliner, testing and completions engineer for WellPerform, states: “Cesium formate sustains its composition, does not have filtrate fallout problems, and it is not affected by high temperatures (over 200°C) in the well. This has been the main factor for all the downhole tools continuing to work without any difficulties.”1

Good news travels fast
Oil India Ltd. also operates assets in the KG Basin. Encouraged by the success of cesium formate in the BTSAD well, it selected the fluid for TCP DSTs in its Yanam South field. Alan says: “The 1.92 g/cm3 cesium/potassium formate is on a 60-day contract to Oil India, so the company can reuse it for multiple tests. Concern with the corrosive effects of zinc bromide on tools and packers and earlier difficulties with OBMs motivated Oil India to try a new direction.”

Alan Carnegie directs the global business development team for Cabot and manages business in Asia, Middle East, Africa and the Americas, while Christian Busengdal is responsible for Europe. Alan, Christian, Jon Bartholomew and Houston-based R&D manager Siv Howard are focusing on identifying strategic medium- and long-term market opportunities worldwide.

1) www.wellperform.com/wellperform-and-ongc-in-india