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A round ten

Christian Busengdal, 45, business director Europe is celebrating ten years with Cabot.


Working from Bergen, Norway, Christian has responsibility for helping oil and gas companies across Europe improve operations and enhance well performance with cesium formate brine. He says: “In the last years, we’ve seen more and more operators showing interest in cesium formate-based fluids for a wide range of field development projects, also beyond traditional HPHT applications. They’re recognizing the value of our monovalent, high-density brine and its versatility in creating cost-effective, high-performance fluid solutions ideally suited for their new set of drilling and completion challenges.

It’s been an interesting ten years and I’m excited to see our reference list diversify still further during the next decade.” Previously, Christian spent 12 years working for Baker Hughes after graduating from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences with a degree in geology.