Brazing Flux

We provide high-purity fine cesium chemicals for brazing fluxes. Brazing is a joining method providing a permanent bond between parts with the help of a filler metal and a flux

The composition of the filler alloy is selected to ensure a melting point slightly below the melting range of the parent metal of the parts to be joined. Fluxes are applied to the joint surfaces before brazing and are selected to fit the specific brazing application, as well as the specific metals and alloys to be joined.

Fine cesium chemicals are used in fluxes for Zn-Al brazing (as opposed to Al-Si brazing) to join aluminum and its alloys to other metals such as copper. 

Using our fine cesium chemicals, our customers manufacture specialist fluxes containing cesium aluminum salts (CsAlF4), for use in atmosphere, furnace, torch or induction brazing processes. The inclusion of cesium, with its uniquely low melting point, means our customers' products can be used with low temperature filler alloys (zinc/aluminum). This means a lower-temperature, more energy-efficient and less costly process throughout the value chain.