Professional Development

In addition to our commitment to keeping employees safe, we are dedicated to providing employees what they need to succeed in their careers. We recognize the value each employee brings to our business and how the diversity in background and skill sets benefits the company.


Our employees represent 24 citizenships and we strive to continue developing and fostering a diverse workplace. This means treating all employees openly, fairly and equitably, which is reflected in our values and Code of Business Ethics.

One of our core benefits for employees is our support for professional development. This allows employees to address individual career goals and focus on the skills and competencies that we require for excellent organizational performance. At the same time, we must support and attract new employees by allowing them to progress within the organization. In each case, training and development is key to meeting these goals.

We believe that employee development is a shared responsibility. Our managers are committed to coaching, assessing employee’s competencies and providing objective feedback. Employees are encouraged to actively seek feedback, own their development actions, and openly share their future aspirations and mobility. Employee development starts in the current role. It is a continuous process with ongoing dialogue, assessment and documentation. Employee development requires experiential learning and breadth and depth of experience is necessary for career advancement.

Developing Leaders

Our Developing Leaders program provides a leadership development framework that recognizes the need for both a global core set of skills and region-specific needs along with ways of fulfilling them. This corporate-regional partnership fosters local innovations that may be replicated across the company. To reduce training delivery time to new leaders and make the content available on-demand, the Developing Leaders courses were recently converted into an e-learning format. The e-learning platform makes professional development training easily available online to all employees in topics as diverse as root cause analysis and interviewing skills.

Regional highlights

North America

Effective leadership training initiatives are critical for organizational performance. Developing necessary skill sets and delivering vital information to our people is important as we continuously invest in our talent. Being mindful of costs, we have turned to technology to lead effective trainings that are interactive and engaging, without the additional travel costs. In 2015, we started the Plant Engineer Development Program. Nineteen engineers from eight North American manufacturing plants participated in the six month leadership development course. The program took advantage of our technical resources and was a blend of self-paced e-learning modules, WebEx sessions facilitated by senior leaders and action learning projects supported by plant and regional staff. This type of a training program integrated virtual locations, webcasts and web-based collaboration tools to create engaging learning experiences that can be utilized for a wide range of training programs. 

Additionally, first level leaders from all three Massachusetts sites participated in a Management Skills for New Managers course. During this three day program, leaders from Haverhill, Billerica and Boston learned and practiced management skills and expanded their networks. Additionally, over 75 Billerica employees at various levels of the organization participated in classroom based Meeting Effectiveness training. Employees developed a better understanding of running a successful meeting, selecting and using a decision-making model, strategies for managing challenging behaviors, and best practices for virtual and multi-cultural meetings.

South America

In order to prepare a future generation of leaders, employees in Brazil created a formal mentoring program to identify and develop employees. In 2015, nearly 20 employees joined this program giving them a new perspective of development and growth. Managers were trained to be mentors and committed to mentoring each potential leader in formal meetings every two months. Individual development plans were prepared for all employees participating in the program.

Europe, Middle East and Africa

As a result of ongoing collaboration with local works council and in an effort to advance employee development, our Ravenna, Italy team signed an agreement with the local works council for the implementation of a training program financed entirely through public funding. The program included over 20 employees participating in over 230 hours of training in areas such as environmental and safety systems, root cause analysis, energy management and other technical courses.

Asia Pacific

Our employees in Asia Pacific recently designed and implemented a series of forms and controls for new employees including a formal mentoring program. A close partnership between HR and department managers resulted in an improved process that is highly effective in developing new employees. As part of this effort, over 30 employees participated in a First Line Multi-Skill Training program resulting in nearly 20 employees who were qualified for a new position or skill by the end of the year. Comprehensive Management Skills training was also provided to first line leaders as part of Developing Leaders.

We take steps to ensure all employees are committed to living our values of integrity, respect, responsibility and excellence as well as our commitment to human rights. All employees are required to attend training to understand the importance of our values in addition to completing our Code of Conduct training.

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