Water usage is a crucial part of our operations and we recognize the value of this important resource. We are developing a strategic water management plan to help identify water reduction, recycling and efficiency opportunities.

Water is essential to life, but in many regions water risks are increasing and availability is becoming more of a concern. Our industry requires a certain amount of water to operate, but we recognize our responsibility to use this natural resource wisely across our global footprint. As a result, we track not only the volumes of water coming into our sites and discharging from them, but we also closely track specific water quality criteria to ensure we are compliant with our local discharge permits. 

In 2017, we experienced a slight increase in the volume of water used and discharged in absolute terms compared to the previous year. When normalized by production, the intensity of water used remained stable, while discharged water intensity decreased slightly. As we continue to closely monitor these metrics, we aim to further improve our water management practices and make the most efficient use of this resource, paying close attention to water availability risks in regions where we operate.