Water Management

Water usage is a crucial part of our operations and we recognize the value of this important resource. We are developing a strategic water management plan to help identify water reduction, recycling and efficiency opportunities.

Although we do not currently have specific goals related to water use and discharge, we do monitor our use of this important natural resource. Our focus is on identifying water and wastewater streams that can be reused within our manufacturing operations. In 2015, our overall water consumption decreased slightly by 1%. However, the intensity of our water usage per metric ton of production increased by 2%, which includes decreased production at some of our facilities while water usage remained nearly constant for routine operations and maintenance. Similarly, we saw close to a 3% decrease in wastewater discharge, with a slight increase in intensity.

While we anticipate continued water constraints in some regions, we will continue exploring ways in which we may be able to reduce water use and discharge by sharing best practices. For example, we are voluntarily coordinating a working group under the Association of Chemical Industries of Brazil. This group has been working diligently to develop a contingency plan intended to help companies in the area minimize their risks regarding water scarcity that will be complimented by a manual for our industry to adopt best practices for rational use of water in the area.