Waste & Spills

As we continue to develop innovative solutions for our customers, our environmental impact is a constant consideration.

We acknowledge the potential impact that solid waste disposal or spills of hazardous materials could have on the environment of local communities. We therefore take a targeted approach to minimizing waste and working toward zero spills at our facilities. We also see that waste presents opportunities to contribute to a circular economy by finding alternative uses for certain waste types.

The mitigation of waste and spills is closely linked to the optimization of processes in our production. Limiting waste generation and reducing volumes of off-quality product are derived from improving process controls. Meanwhile, eliminating spills reflects a strong attention to safe and environmentally sound work  practices at our facilities. In 2017, we saw a significant increase in non-hazardous waste generated  which is attributed to a dedicated sludge-removal project at one of our operating facilities. Fortunately, we were able to find a beneficial use of this material which supported our reduction of waste disposal intensity when compared to 2016.