Environmental Performance

Our Drive to Zero initiative starts with a belief that zero is possible – zero injuries, zero spills and zero violations. This belief and commitment is an integral aspect of our operating culture and serves as a central theme in our safety, health and environmental (SH&E) policy.

While we are continuously looking for ways to make our operations more efficient and reduce our environmental impacts, we also carefully manage our regulatory obligations to ensure we meet the requirements of the local governments where we operate. We monitor our performance in this area through our environmental non-conformance (ENC) metric, which we define as any event resulting in a reportable spill or release, a notice of violation, a public complaint or a regulatory permit deviation. 

As part of our “Drive to Zero” initiative, we maintain the philosophy that all ENCs are preventable. We learn from these events, share the results of root cause investigations throughout the organization and continue to reduce the number of ENCs by updating equipment, revising procedures, adopting best practices and training employees on important environmental compliance practices.