Energy & GHG Emissions

Using energy efficiently from a variety of sources is a cornerstone of our overall efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

We continue to make progress in reducing the energy required to manufacture our products. We have set a goal to reduce our energy intensity (the amount of energy needed to make a unit of product) by 10% by 2025 from our base year of 2005.

In 2015, our overall energy consumption was nearly constant with the previous year. However, our energy intensity per metric ton of production increased by 3%, which can be attributed to changes in market demand at our carbon black operations. This caused less consistent operating conditions in these plants. In turn, reduced utilization impacted the efficiency of these plants. The overall trend for our energy intensity has decreased and we are now 43% of the way toward meeting our goal of reducing energy intensity by 10% from our 2005 baseline.

GHG emissions continue to be a highly important topic and we saw a 3% decrease in GHG intensity per metric ton of production in 2015 compared to 2014. This decrease is primarily due to the use of more efficient feedstock at some of our carbon black facilities as well as ongoing operational projects to improve yield. Through this and other efforts, we have reduced emissions by 8.2% since 2005, which represents 41% of our goal.

At our Botlek, Netherlands facility, a project was carried out that involved reducing our use of natural gas. We reassessed what was actually required to maintain our boilers and dryers and by doing so, the site was able to save 528,685 m³ (19,600 GJ) of natural gas and over 1,000 MT of carbon dioxide in 2015.